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15 hours ago
Tonight: @MikePratt22 on what he saw in the Bahamas; @ChrisDoering on his lofty prediction for @UKFootball AND the return of Island Boy: @curtisburch now known as #BeachBurch 6pm @NewsRadioWLAP

22 hours ago
These never fail... https://t.co/J2ilLj3SpL

ESPN CollegeFootball
These former @UKFootball walk-ons were surprised with scholarships, and the team went wild. (via @UKCoachStoops) https://t.co/83qhtcYlUB

2 days ago
Tonight - @JeffPiecoro , @curtisburch; John Calipari & Mark Stoops -- one is happy with his team and the other, not so much. 6pm on @NewsRadioWLAP. Call 280-2287 or tweet us...

3 days ago
They ARE entertainment. And they can be so much more. That’s why they’re great... https://t.co/qz2bNseKur

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23 hours ago

Big Blue Insider

Calipari on his team, “We should be a monster defensive team, we should be a great rebounding team, we should be a team that can fly up and down the court” The Boot Store ...

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3 days ago

Big Blue Insider

John Calipari's post Bahamas comments The Boot Store www.youtube.com/watch?v=4-uSBMOvNrIJohn Calipari post Bahamas ...

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