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As Coach John Calipari always says, ” you people are crazy.” 650 tents set a record at 9:30 this morning.

Check out the photo gallery at

Kentucky Wildcats TV: Big Blue Madness Campout 2013

Here are some pictures form’s Instagram

Also here are some messages that UK’s compliance department posted on their Facebook page.

  • Big Blue Madness Campers – Please do not stop or delay a student-athlete in any way if they are doing any of the following: Heading towards campus to go to class; headed into the CATS center to meet with a tutor or to study; or headed to Memorial Coliseum or the Joe Craft Center for workouts.

  • If a student-athlete indicates to you that they cannot stop for a picture or an autograph, please honor that and do not continue to ask them to do so. They have been told that they cannot use the campers as an excuse for being late to any of their responsibilities.

  • Some fans are under the mistaken impression that, if the student-athlete is not paid for the autograph, it is permissible to sell it. THIS IS NOT TRUE!


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