Kentucky’s Junior nose guard Matt Elam on Media Day

On being asked about his weight a lot, “It gets annoying but it’s okay, it’s fine it is the job.”

Matt ElamMatt Elam spoke about the new facility he said, “It is amazing.” His favorite part? “The weight room that’s where we spend most of our time.”

This offseason most people have agreed the defensive line is the biggest question mark on the team. Elam is ready to answer that question. “Defiantly want to answer that because they got us last in a lot of rankings, I don’t really care about rankings a lot, but I feel like I know what we got on the D-line, the experts might not, but I know we are a great D-line.”

Elam also spoke on Regie Meant, “That’s a crazy man, he gives his all every single play.”

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