After spring practice #11 defensive players and coaches talked to the media.

Matt House

House on going against UK’s offense everyday, “If you don’t bring your best they’re going to kick you tail.”

Dean Hood

Hood wants to grow players as men, “You can’t create quality time… Quality time shows up in quantity time.”

More from Hood, “I think the biggest thing you can do is be consistent, be in their life, spend time with them.

Steve Clinkscale

Clinkscale, “If you know you assignment and you read your keys you can be as violent as you want to be.”

More from Clinkscale, “We’ve got big physical defensive backs, we have to use our assets.”

Derrick Leblanc

Leblanc to Matt Elam, “People are going to notice you whether it is good or bad, so why not let it be good.”

Mike Edwards

Edwards, “The receivers already trying to talk stuff.” Are WRs better than DBs? “Nooo, no sir, no sir.”

Courtney Love

Love on Kash Daniel, “We know how Kash is, he’s a war daddy he goes hard every freaking play.”

Kash Daniel 

Daniel of course talked about hair, “When you have it let flow.”

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