UK’s Special Team Coordinator Dean Hood used to be the Head Coach at Eastern Kentucky. He joined the Big Blue Insider after practice on Wednesday to discuss the match up against his former team.

On the emotions of facing his former team Hood said, “really there’s none, I’m sure there is going to be. There’s a ton of kids on that other sideline that I love, kids that I recruited and sat in the living room and told their parents I was going to take care of them and all that, so I’m sure there will be at some point but right now it is just preparation.”

Hood talked about leaving EKU, “There was obviously bitterness and disappointment with that whole situation.” But after a one year stop over coaching tight ends at Charlotte Hood said, “all those wounds were healed.” He is now pleased where he is, “That was just a dream come true to be able to come to the University of Kentucky and coach for Mark Stoops.”

Hood was very complimentary of several of the coaches that are helping him with the special teams and the guys in the defensive coaches room,”I’m learning every single day and just eating it up, it’s just been a great experience.”

The other title Hood holds is outside linebackers coach, he described that part of his job, “It’s like hitting the lottery really coming to Kentucky.” Denzil Ware won defensive line player of the week from the SEC and both Josh Allen and Josh Paschal also had good game against So. Miss. Hood gave credit to the players, “What made it go was, I got two guys that started in the SEC at that position, you want to talk about hitting the lottery when you walk into that room and you see Denzil Ware, you see Josh Allen and then you get the recruit Josh Paschal signed and he’s your new recruit. It’s just amazing the talent in that room. They just had a whale of a game on Saturday, they were just incredible not only rushing the passer but stopping the run.”

It will be interesting to see the emotion from Hood in the pregame Saturday.

Listen to the full interview below

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