3,2,1 is my post game wrap up. It is pretty simple; 3 numbers, 2 quotes and 1 take away from the game.


Nick Richards and Kevin Knox

17  has double meaning Kentucky was down 17 points with 17 minutes left in the game. That would be an impressive comeback n any situation let alone on the road.

16 that is how much UK out rebounded WVU in the 2nd half. Kentucky had 29 rebounds while West Virginia only had 13.

3 is the number of turnovers Kentucky had in the 2nd half. After 10 turnovers in the 1st 10 minuets it was quite a turn around.


John Calipari on Jarred Vanderbilt’s 11 boards in 11 minutes, “Unbelievable, right? I got to figure out offensively. I’m losing my mind. I called Jarred in and said ‘listen, I need you on the court. I need your rebounding. I need your toughness. I need your ability to pass and be that guy. What do you want me to run? Write up a play. Tell me how you want me to use you offensively so that you’re comfortable.’ He’s just not comfortable right now. But he’s only been playing, what, 10 days? He brings that toughness. He’ll go get balls. We’ve just got to figure him out offensively.”

Bob Huggins on playing two bigs, “We were in foul trouble. One we were in foul trouble and two I couldn’t watch them manhandle the guys we had in anymore, I was getting ill. They manhandled them now, they manhandled our forwards.”


Kevin Knox is a star. Putting up 34 points in one of the most hostile environments in the country means you are a star. Many (including myself) have said one of Kentucky’s problems this season is that they lack a superstar. On a night when fans in the WVU Coliseum had LED batons that lit up, Kevin Knox shined brightest.

34 points is impressive under nearly any circumstances but Knox’s entire game was spectacular.

-How can you make 34 points even more impressive? Score 34 points on just 17 shots.

-How else do you make a 34 point game even more impressive? Grab 7 boards, including 4 offensive rebounds.

-Is there any other way to make that 34 point game more impressive? Only have 1 turnover against one of the toughest defensive teams in the country.

John Calipari spoke about Kevin Knox after the game, “He didn’t settle. He went at it. He took fouls. He went at the basket. There was only one play, late, and he knew he did it. He bailed out. ‘Why’d you do that?’ He reverted a little bit. The biggest thing too, both Quade and Shai played the way you need point guards to play. You’re not playing for you. You’re playing for us. You’re running downhill to create for us. And they did it.”

Kevin Knox let it be known he has what it takes to be that elite talent so many have said Kentucky doesn’t have.

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