Kentucky basketball coach John Calipari spoke to the media via teleconference before his team plays in the SEC tournament in St. Louis. Calipari said about his team, “I was feeling good until we went down to Florida and got rocked.”

Calipari admitted a mistake in preparation before the loss in Gainesville, “I didn’t scrimmage the week before Florida. Basically it was a quick turn. But, prior to that we were scrimmaging every chance we could and I made a decision, and every once in a while my decisions aren’t right. Few and far between but there are times they are not right, and this is probably one of them. It took an edge off of some guys that we needed to compete and have more of a competitive spirit.”

Calipari also spoke about Sacha Killeya-Jones’ lack of playing time,  “He is doing fine, a lot of times it is the guy in front of you. It has nothing to do with you. You just got to be ready for an opportunity. He’s way better as a player” Calipari then mentioned PJ Washington, Jarred Vanderbilt, Wenyen Gabriel and Nick Richards before saying, “He’s got guys in front of him that are doing pretty good and deserve minutes too.”

Calipari also complained about how there wasn’t a Dunkin’ Donuts in downtown St. Louis the last time he was in town. Overall Calipari seemed to be in a pretty upbeat mood joking also joking about an Italian restaurant in St Louis. Listen to the entire comments below.

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