The Kentucky Junior All Stars were up 1 with 6 seconds to go in overtime. The leading scorer for Kentucky, David Johnson out of Trinity, was at the line. Johnson hit the first one, but missed the second. The rebound was up for grabs and Scott County’s Michael Moreno was there to collect it for his 12th rebound of the game. Then Moreno had the presence of mind to not just hold the ball  and get fouled, but to go ahead and shoot. Moreno was basically being pulled down by defenders from Indiana but he not only got the shot off but made it. That extended the lead to four and sealed the win for Kentucky. The final was Kentucky Junior All-Stars 113, Indiana Junior All-Stars 109.

Michael Moreno

Moreno said of the shot, “Its not a play I make all the time, but I’ve made that play before. Free throw rebound, I try to go up without going over the back, I just try to go up as high as I can, straight up and it was a good bounce and I tipped it to myself and grabbed it. And I knew they were going to foul me so I just put it up next to the rim and hoped it went in.”

The 6’7″ forward had a great all around game. Moreno scored 20 points on 9/14 shooting including 2/4 from behind the 3 point line. He also had those 12 boards, 4 of which were offensive and added 5 assists. He said he wants to expand his game going into his senior year, “I want to turn myself into more of a wing, even though I’ll be primarily a post nest year or at least most of my mismatches will be in the post.”

Increased versatility in his game will help him on the collegiate level. Moreno isn’t leaning towards one school right now, but he is hearing from many colleges. Including; St. Louis, Northern Kentucky, Eastern Kentucky, Missouri and Iowa State. Moreno thinks any of those programs could be good landing spots for him, “The schools that I’m interested in and the schools that are interested in me they’re great fits for me.”

Postgame interview 

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