UNION, Ky. – John Calipari has known new Louisville coach Chris Mack for a long time and thinks he will be successful at Louisville, “I think Chris will do a great job.”

Speaking to the media at a satellite camp stop at Ryle High School, Calipari relayed a story about an encounter the two had in an airport in which Calipari complimented Kentucky’s rival and might have put a little pressure on their new coach, “I saw him at an airport … and I told him, you can win national titles there, Louisville is one of those places.” 

It is unknown if that exchanged happened while Mack was delayed by American Airlines.

We shall see how the relationship progresses once the two face off in an actual game or go head to head for a recruit. Right now it seems like there is no bad blood on Calipari’s side, “I know he’s excited, his wife’s excited to be back (in Louisville) so I’m happy for him.” 

John Calipari on Chris Mack 

Full comments from John Calipari at Ryle

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