Kentucky sophomore wide receiver Lynn Bowden frightened Big Blue Nation with a tweet.

There was speculation among fans about what that post meant. Could he be transferring? Bowden clarified the next day with a a few more tweets.

Michael Smith

UK wide receivers coach Michael Smith joined Big Blue Insider and said he checked in on Bowden to make sure he wasn’t in a dark spot after the tweets. According to Smith everything is okay,”He’s fine, like a lot of kids on social media today they put stuff out there that doesn’t mean anything … Lynn is fine, another guy I’m really looking forward to working with and see him go out and raise the bar as a football player.”

As a football player Bowden is still transitioning from the quarterback position, which he played in high school, to a wide receiver. Smith, who was hired in January, noticed something viewing the tape on Bowden from last season, “When you watched him make plays last year he did a lot of good things in the Wildcat (formation), that’s still the quarterback position.”

Smith believes Bowden is ready to take a jump in his sophomore year and is working to develop Bowden as a wide out to make that happen, “To continue develop as a wide receiver there’s a lot of technical things that he just hadn’t done before that we’re trying to work on right now and we worked on in the spring and we’ll continue work on throughout the summer and going into camp, that’s just going to help his game.”

Kentucky’s offensive will need play makers. If Bowden is able to become a consistent threat at wide receiver he will help whoever wins the starting QB job and lighten the load of Benny Snell. If he can do that then the social media buzz will be about Bowden’s play, not trying to decipher tweets.

Listen to the full podcast with Michael Smith.



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