Falmouth, Ky – Dontaie Allen scored 50 points for the 5th time in his high school career but after the game his coach, Keaton Belcher said, “honestly he didn’t play that well.” 

Dontaie Allen at the free throw line

That sounds ridiculous but watching the game you can understand what Belcher meant. During the first three quarters Allen was playing fine, however he wasn’t dominating. His jumper wasn’t falling and Pendleton County only led Bracken County by 3 points in the fourth quarter.

Then Allen took over.

Over a 3-4 minute stretch Allen; hit a 3, had a monster block, scored an “and one” and had a dunk. Pendleton County stretched the led to double digits and went on to win 79-61.

Allen showed impressive court vision and relentlessly crashed the grass throughout the game. After the win Dontaie Allen described his game, “You know I score a lot of points, but I also like to dish to my teammates. I like to get rebounds and I work hard defensively.” 

Coach Belcher read off Allen’s stat line and summed up Allen’s night, “51 points, 19 rebounds, 2 assists, 3 steals, 3 blocks. Not a bad day for an off night”


Dontaie Alle postgame 

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