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8 hours ago
Man Playing Trombone on Motorbike via @YouTube. Thank you to my brother, @crinky165 - now I can’t get this out of my head. Or stop laughing.

9 hours ago
This what evil looks like. Sadly, Twitter reminds us of this, all too often.

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Antonio Daniels
This is EVERYTHING that’s wrong with ppl and social media. Throwing a family’s tragedy at them b/c you are frustrated with SPORTS. This type on insensitivity and foolishness needs to stop. @royceyoung is a great guy who’s family deserves much more respect than this.

9 hours ago
There you go with that logic again. #dazedandconfused

9 hours ago
Sound business decision. Now - will he get the proper advice? And more importantly: Will he listen?

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Nick Richards
I can’t wait to go through this process thank you for your support BBN 🇯🇲💙

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5 days ago

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"There was 7,400 division one athletes in the transfer portal today, 7,400. That's a lot."
UK AD Mitch Barnhart discusses transfers.
Full interview with Dick Gabriel here:

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