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One of the greatest things ever on Twitter.

Rex Chapman🏇🏼
Still internet all-time top-10 funny...😏🐶👨

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We are thrilled to announce that 4⭐️ student Adam Buerger has committed to continue his academic career at @nku_edu. It was apparently his destiny. #NorseUp #NorseParents #OriginalHorns 🖤💛

2 days ago
Suddenly I have a new favorite nba player. And he’s retiring.

D-Wade took photos and signed autographs for every single Miami Heat employee as a farewell today 👏(via @DwyaneWade)

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"There was 7,400 division one athletes in the transfer portal today, 7,400. That's a lot."
UK AD Mitch Barnhart discusses transfers.
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