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It even thinking of opening the press box window. We struggle to open the door

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My view from the office today. What you can’t see is the wind, blowing from 25 to 35 mph with gusts beyond 50 mph. UK versus Texas tech at 3 PM ET.

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You’re going to need to translate for us city folk.

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They’re fat and happy.

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John Calipari on if NBA draft rules change, "You won’t believe this, we’ll figure out what it is and we’ll be first at it. Whatever it is we’ll – whatever we do. We would? Somebody else would do what we’re doing? So whatever it is we’ll figure it out. Everybody will be watching. I’m a guy that doesn’t say much. I like to keep quiet about stuff. [Smiles.] Then they’ll just pile on and start doing it. Look, we’re here because this program has been special and it will remain special whatever the rules are. So anything like this I believe it helps us. I’d love to be coaching kids three and four years. Are you kidding me?"
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