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On this date in 1901, Marconi sent the 1st radio transmission across the Atlantic. Shortly after that, I began my radio career, such as it is. I just want to thank all the little people... 🙄

2 hours ago
UK fans need to embrace that game. Players told us repeatedly it’s what helped drive them to the national championship - especially because it was the #1 video clip on ESPN.

15 hours ago
Question is, was he able tie numbers one through six together? Anxious to read his thesis...

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Bob BourbonBallin
List of topics covered by my mechanic when I picked up my car:
1. Electric cars
2. Banks own the oil companies
3. Roswell was real
4. Tesla was murdered
5. Planet X
6.God and the devil are alien brothers.

He’s clearly buying that good good.
Also me:

16 hours ago
No, not chopped liver. There's a joke there but I'll let you handle that... My apologies... Doc Huang coming up at 7 pm; @DarrellBird at 7:30. Stay tuned...

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4 days ago

Big Blue Insider

Dontaie Allen after a leading Pendleton Co to a 79-61 win over Bracken Co. Allen had 51 points, 19 rebounds, 2 assists, 3 blocks and 3 steals. Allen post Bracken County ...

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6 days ago

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John Calipari on Reid Travis, "It's incredible that this kid is so focused. He's on a mission. How about if we had everybody on that same mission?" ...

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1 week ago

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Kash Daniel on Josh Paschal, "You ever look in the living room and you look at one piece of furniture, like the carpet, and you're like, wow that really ties the room together. That's what Josh does to this team. Josh ties this team together." ...

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