Garrett JohnsonGarrett Johnson describes his big play from the scrimmage on Saturday. He said this is the most competition between wide receivers since he has joined the UK program. Johnson said going up against the UK DBs makes him better. He was also asked about the seating in the WR room (#1’s on the depth chart sit on the front row) Johnson said that motivates him and he has stayed on the front row all camp.

Garrett Johnson 

Coach Lamar Thomas talked about how the wide receivers get better going up against the corners of Kentucky. He saw the wide receivers making plays in the scrimmage on Saturday. Thomas spoke about Dorian Baker growing and embracing challenges, he also told Baker he was jealous of his physical gifts, “If I had your body back in the day no telling how great I would have been.

WR Coach Lamar Thomas

Tavin RichardsonTavin Richardson said going up against UK’s DBs prepares him for what he will see on game days. He described the wide revivers as brothers. Richardson said he loves pushing the older guys because it not only makes them better but it also makes him better. He said to the key to making tough catches in traffic is, “Staying focused, when the ball is in the air our mindset is that’s my ball.

Tavin Richardson

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