Kentucky’s offensive coordinator and starting quarterback took to the podium to talk to the media after the last practice of fall camp.

Eddie Gran 

The UK OC said the tight ends had a really good day. Gran said he got more out of camp than he expected and he is excited. He also said in the scrimmage on Saturday the wide receivers didn’t make the tough catches like they did in the first scrimmage, also some of the throws were a high. Gran said they do script plays to start the game and has “second half ideas.” The QB will be involved in the game planning and which plays will be called. Gran said there aren’t plays that he likes that Barker doesn’t because Gran is just a fan of first down and touchdowns. It is still up in the air on how Stephen Johnson will be used this season. Gran said they have had a nice introduction to Southern Miss in game planning.

Drew Barker 

Drew Barker said this is the most consistent camp he has had since he has been at UK, there weren’t many bad days and when there were the team bounced back. He said the main thing in the scrimmage was 3rd down conversion percentage was down. Barker said it helps that he can trust the offensive line make the correct run blocking call. He also talked about the depth at wide receiver and how that is pushing everyone to get better. All the run plays are read options so Barker has the option to keep the ball. Apparently QB Coach Darin Hinshaw loves to yell, “Boom!” whenever the team has a big play in practice.


Drew Barker talking to the media on the last day of fall camp.

Drew Barker talking to the media on the last day of fall camp.

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