The tight ends and their position coach talked after the last day of fall camp. They spoke about former walk ons getting scholarships and how the TE position has progressed.

C.J. Conrad

Conrad said he started out a little slow in camp but he thinks the coaches are happy where they are as a group. Conrad admitted he had trouble catching the ball during some parts of camp, but put in extra work after practice with a weighted ball and bounced back. Gran said the team put in nearly twice the work during this camp compared to last year but Conrad didn’t notice, he said the team trained so hard he didn’t notice they did so much extra work.

Greg Hart

Hart is a transfer from Nebraska and sat out all of last season, he said it felt like the slowest year ever and couldn’t even describe how excited he is to get on the field. Hart describes himself as competitive, he can block, run, and catch the ball. He thinks people will be surprised because they haven’t seen two tight ends like him and Conrad at the same time. Hart said Will Tom Collins and Tanner Fink getting scholarships was  “Awesome.” He called them his brothers and said they all hang out all the time off the field. Hart also describes his relationship with his position coach Vince Marrow who he has known since 2010. Hart is excited where he is at the end of camp and excited where the team is at as well.

Vince Marrow

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