John Calipari 

John Calipari said his team is building trust and that is because of better discipline. Calipari said Isaiah Briscoe is in the gym after every practice and after every shoot around working on his outside shot, but he added Briscoe might be leading the nation in shots blocked.

The Kentucky head man talked about Bam Adebayo’s performance and said his numbers would have been better but was subbed out early because the lead was so big. He wasn’t happy that Derek Willis broke down about  three times in the second half on the defensive end but added he is getting better defensively.

On the defense Calipari said, “This is starting to look like a team I coach.” Calipari also discussed the firing of his former assistant Orlando Antigua at South Florida, he was disappointed but said Antigua will be fine.

Isaiah Briscoe

On the improvement of Bam Adebayo is because Adebayo is “buying in” and said the way he is playing is big for the guards because it takes some of the weight off of their shoulders. Briscoe said the team is finally starting to put teams away. Hitting outside shots felt good because he is putting in extra work.

Briscoe described flying into the crowd and how his hustle can cause a “chain reaction” because he is the leader of the team. Apparently the guy who he fell on wouldn’t let go of him.

The sophomore said coach is smiling because of improvements after Camp Cal. On the fast starts recently Briscoe said he huddle the starters and said, “Lets just really get after it.”

Briscoe also talked about Calipari saying he leads the country in shots being blocked. He also talked about how the bench reacted after the Jonny David 3 pointer.

Malik Monk 

Monk said of the team’s performance, “I think we played pretty good.” adding they came out with “good energy.” He described the team playing a complete game, “scary.”

Monk talked about his lack of rebounding and said Calipari talks about it with him every day, one reason could be because he is trying to get out and score the ball. Camp Cal said helped him with discipline.

Monk was asked why he hasn’t gotten a triple double like the other starting guards, “They don’t want me to pass the ball, they want me to score.”

On the next game against his home state team Arkansas Monk said, “We’re looking at that game just like it’s tonight, same game.” adding, “We are gonna focus just like every game.”

De’Aaron Fox

Fox talked on the changes after Camp Cal saying the team picked things up defensively. He also discussed his headband and how that is helping his rhythm. The hot starts the past few games is because the team is putting an emphasis on energy. Fox said there was no extra motivation facing a team from his home state.

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