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Statement from D.J. Eliot on leaving Kentucky for the defensive coordinator position at Colorado:DJ Elliot

“I would like to open by thanking Mitch Barnhart, the administration, the Lexington community and all of the Big Blue Nation for their support and dedication to Kentucky football, and their support of me, my family and our players.  I would like to thank the players for their commitment to the vision, giving 100% every day and competing like the quality men they are growing into.  They poured their hearts into the last year and I am so proud of them. Finally, I would like to thank Coach Stoops for the opportunity, for his trust, all that I learned from him, and most importantly for his friendship.  Coach Stoops and his family have been a part of my life since my playing days at Wyoming and will remain a part of my life into retirement.  I am thankful for all he has done for me and proud of what we have accomplished here at Kentucky.  We leave with positive memories of our time in Kentucky and of the milestones we celebrated in our kids’ lives and wish you all very much continued success.”


Story from Colorado on his hiring:

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