Offensive players and coaches spoke after the 2nd day of Kentucky Football spring practice.

New reporter on the scene? 

There was a new person interviewing Drake Jackson. I think his name was Stephen something.

Eddie Gran

Kentucky’s offensive coordinator doesn’t want to call Benny Snell “the guy” he said,”Everything is a competition.” He also talked about the QBs and the progress of the running backs.

Benny Snell

Benny Snell said, “Whenever the offense needs me I’ll be there.” Also he called the offense a well oiled machine, and he talked about his dad in the XFL!

Cole Mosier

Mosier spoke on the O-line’s versatility, being in year 2 of Gran’s offense & dealing with the praise of the offensive line from outside.

Gunnar Hoak

Hoak is ready to compete in the QB compition and has improved confidence this season.

Drake Jakson

Jackson discussed staying motivated while red shirting, learning under Jon Toth and thriving in physical play.

Darin Hinshaw 

The Kentucky co-OC and QBs coach said, “The good thing about Stephen Johnson is he doesn’t let a lot of things bother him, he doesn’t worry about the fact that he’s number one.”


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