Here are my picks for the Kentucky Football season.

At Southern Miss – Win. Slow down Ito Smith and let the new QB make mistakes. Then use the 1st half game plan from last season for a full game.

EKU – Win. It will be pretty easy win, no disrespect to the colonels who are friends of the show , we even have a weekly segment with someone from EKU Wednesdays at 7:30, but, they are a division down.

So Carlina – Loss. Road game at night in a tough place to play and they have revenge on their mind and at this point UK will be feeling pretty good about themselves. Think it is a loss in a close game but it could refocus the team for better things down the road. Plus I like their young QB Bently

Florida – Win. Lots of drama in Gainesville right now with their scandal and suspenses and no matter how many fun Steve Sppurrier videos they tweet out it will still take a toll on the team. The week before will be against Tenn and I think UK will be able to take advantage.

Eastern Mich – Win. Eastern Michigan isn’t at UK’s talent level and a trip from Yipselanti has to be tiring

Mizzou – Win. I think Missouri has finally settled into the place everyone thought they would have in the SEC when the first joined near the bottom of the league. UK appears to have more talent and the game is at home

Miss State – Loss. Road game against a good coach and one of the best QBs is a recipe for disaster and I think Neil Price will call a win for the Bulldogs in his new home.

Tenn – Win. The game is at home and this is semi personal because UT fans do not get sarcasm so I want to punish them. I made a joke about UT being 1-1 in the last 6 years against UK without Josh Dobbs. They did not get it… At all. My timeline was flooded with Vol fans talking about the previous 30 years and how why would I discount the times Dobbs was the QB. I

Ole Miss – Win. LOL you thought Florida had drama Ole Miss is the king of drama they could fill an SEC tabloid by themselves. The only concern is if they throw caution to the wind and just throw the ball everywhere. If they go YOLO-Miss they will have a shot because they have talent but I think UK prevails at home.

Vanderbilt – Win. UK is better than Vandy.

Georgia – Loss. UGA’s QB Eason was touted as basically a savior when he signed with Georgia he will have plenty of experience this time of the season and it will be in Athens. Good QB + Great RBs + Road Game = bad outcome for UK.

Louisville – Loss. Lamar Jackson will have revenge on his mind just like UK did at the beginning of the season with So. Miss and I think he can carry his team to victory. Plus one of the troubled spots for UL last season was O-line and they hired one of the best to coach the position (who happened to coach at UK) Mike Summers. I think UL will win in Lexington.

8-4, Ending the season with back to back losses will motivate the team during bowl practices and they will win that bowl game.

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