Nick Richards.
Photo by Chet White | UK Athletics

3,2,1 is my post game wrap up. It is pretty simple; 3 numbers, 2 quotes and 1 take away from the game.

Kentucky defeated Harvard 79-70 to move to 7-1 on the season.


  • 8, that is the number of games Kevin Knox has scored in double figures. Yep that means he scored in double figures every game in his UK career. He dropped 20 against Harvard.
  • 19, this number represents three things at the same time. It is the number Hamidou Diallo scored against Harvard, it is his career high and it is the number points he scored in the previous game for UK. Diallo is starting to become a consistent scorer.
  • 24, that is how many points UK scored off turnovers. Kentucky’s best offense is its defense.


  • John Calipari, “We’re not subbing for missed shots or turnovers. If I did that, folks, we’d have a lot of subs. But I will sub for energy. You’re not talking, you’re not helping your teammate. You don’t dive on the floor. You don’t come up with the tough rebound, I’ll take you out. That’s all energy and effort. That should be expected of everybody. And they know they have the ability to sub themselves out and then if they do, they tell me I’m ready to go, and they go back in. Basically, they’re subbing themselves in and out. Unless you never in your life will sub yourself, and I’ve got a couple of those, I am staying in the game.”
  • Kevin Knox on what Calipari’s message is to the team, “Just when we go up 20 or go up 30, just being able to put our foot on their throat, be able to get good plays and good shots and not turn into a selfish team. I think that’s what we do when we start to get up, people start to get their own. Then, next thing you know, they’re down eight. What Coach is trying to get us to do is, when we get up by that much, be able to put your foot on their throat. Then we go up by 50 and have fun.”

Take Away 

Nick Richards once again had a solid game going for 9 points and 7 rebounds. He also had two awesome dunks over Harvard defenders. Sacha Killeya-Jones also had a good game. The sophomore went for 9 points and 2 rebounds. It appears Kentucky is going to have two quality options at the 5 this year.

A thing to keep an eye on is, against Harvard Calipari played the two together. Sacha Killeya-Jones said on that topic, “I think we play off each other really well.” Killeya-Jones added, “When we’re in the game together we bring the extra length, on top of what we already have.” That frontline could be intimidating for opponents.


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