Before Kentucky faces off against Florida the Head Coach and select players spoke to the media.

John Calipari 

Calipari started with a joke then moved on to an injury update on Quade Green and discusses Jarred Vanderbilt.

PJ Washington 

Washington discussed what they saw when watching the film of the USC game, Jarred Vanderbilt, what UK is missing with Quade Green’s injury and the team’s toughness.

On Jarred Vanderbilt’s first game back, “That’s just a little bit of what Jarred can do. Jarred is a great player, he do can do pretty much everything on the court. He can guard every position. He’s very skilled, he’s very strong and I just can’t wait for him to be 100%”

PJ Washington on 3-point streak, “We didn’t even know about the streak until it was posted on twitter.”

Nich Richards 

Nick Richards disagreed with John Calipari’s statement that opponent’s bigs have man handled Kentucky. Plus his thoughts on Jarred Vanderbilt and his reaction to Seth Greenberg’s comments.

Richards on Vanderbilt, “Jarred coming back helps everybody to be honest, it helps us when I need a break, he can sub in for me and give me a minute or guys like PJ, Kevin could come in and give them a minute as well.”

Richards on thought players just want to get to NBA asap, “I would say that’s false. We’re all right here, we’re just trying to win a national championship and that’s everyone’s main goal. We just gotta find a common ground and just hopefully get it done”

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