The 2019-20 CATSPY awards are in the books. Here are the full list of the UK student Athletes recognized.

Team of the Year



Men’s basketball


Mr. and Miss Wildcat

Glen Brown (swimming and diving)

T.J. Collett (baseball)

Josh Paschal (football)

Alex Martens (softball)

Bailey Vick (softball)

Asia Seidt (swimming and diving)

Leah Edmond (volleyball)

Elite Performance

Gabby Curry (volleyball)

Leah Edmond (volleyball)

Alli Stumler (volleyball)

Madison Lilley (volleyball)

Chloe Abbott (track and field)

Alexis Holmes (track and field)

Abby Steiner (track and field)

Lance Lang (track and field)

Rahman Minor (track and field)

Matthew Thomas (track and field)

Dwight St. Hillaire (track and field)

Kianna Gray (track and field)

Celera Barnes (track and field)

Janie O’Connor (track and field)

Noah Castle (track and field)

Ben Young (track and field)

Kyndal Knight (swimming and diving)

Ellen Ekholm (track and field)

Nicole Fautsch (track and field)

Rhyne Howard (women’s basketball)

Mary Tucker (rifle)

Asia Seidt (swimming and diving)

Mollie Korth (gymnastics)

Josie Angeny (gymnastics)

Jenny Schaper (softball)

Abbey Cheek (softball)

Katie Reed (softball)

Bailey Bonnett (swimming and diving)

Izzy Gati (swimming and diving)

Megan Moss (track and field)

Dajour Miles (track and field)

Ali Galyer (swimming and diving)

Marie-Josee Ebwea Bile Excel (track and field)

Faith Ross (track and field)

Masai Russell (track and field)

Beth McNeese (swimming and diving)

Riley Gaines (swimming and diving)

Ruby Gomes (rifle)

Brennan Fields (cross country/track and field)

Lynn Bowden Jr. (football)

Max Duffy (football)

John Mitchell (swimming and diving)

Peter Wetzlar (swimming and diving)

Jason Head (swimming and diving)

Glen Brown (swimming and diving)

Danny Zhang (swimming and diving)

Chase Lane (swimming and diving)

Matt Peare (track and field)

Aimé Mabika (men’s soccer)

Kalil ElMedkhar (men’s soccer)

Nick Richards (men’s basketball)

Immanuel Quickley (men’s basketball)

Will Shaner (rifle)

Drake Jackson (#52) set to snap to Terry Wilson (#3) Photo Brandon Turner.

Josh Sobota (track and field)

Daniel Roberts (track and field)

Logan Stenberg (football)

Drake Jackson (football)

Rookie of the Year

Mary Tucker (rifle)

Jensen Castle (women’s golf)

Cullan Brown (men’s golf)

Blue Heart

Emma Dellmore (swimming and diving)

Heart of a Wildcat

Aaron Hogue

Keightley Assist

Zach Wheeler

Scratch Award

Megan Monfredi (gymnastics)

Supporting Role

Jaida Roper (women’s basketball)

Hailey Poland (gymnastics)

Nate Sestina (men’s basketball)

Chase Lane (swimming and diving)

Community Service

Autumn Humes (softball)

Avery Skinner (volleyball)


Nicole Fautsch (track and field)

Josephine Chang (women’s golf)

Katherine Marianos (gymnastics)

Sarah Loheide (swimming and diving)

Asia Seidt (swimming and diving)

Ben Young (track and field/cross country)

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