Calipari is “fine” with SEC conference schedule

Union, Ky. - When a wife or girlfriend says something is "fine" there is high probability things are not fine. At one of his satellite camps at Ryle High School John Calipari said the 2018-19 SEC conference schedule is "fine" but he has noticed a change,“This used to...

John Calipari updates PJ Washington

John Calipari spoke before he his satellite camp at Ryle High School in Union Kentucky. He gave an update on PJ Washington's injury, discussed Kentucky's SEC schedule, spoke about CM Newton and talked about a few more topics give a watch/listen to the full interview...

When UK asked for his help, C.M. Newton answered

(Above: Hosting C.M. Newton's weekly radio show each summer was a pleasure and a privilege. Photo courtesy The Courier-Journal) The first time Mama called, C.M. Newton wouldn’t listen. In his autobiography, “Newton’s Laws,” as told to veteran sportswriter Billy Reed,...

C.M. Newton Passes Away

From UK Athletics Former University of Kentucky Student-Athlete and Director of Athletics LEXINGTON, Ky. – C.M. Newton, former student-athlete and director of athletics at the University of Kentucky, passed away Monday in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He was 88. “C.M. Newton...


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Turkey burger? All in. Meatless? No, sir. Line - drawn.

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RIP, Frances Ledford. Such a classy lady. Still see them in my mind, walking together out of Rupp Arena after his last home broadcast.

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Tonight: Calipari on upcoming NBA Draft; @rickbozich & @Brettdawsonwrites + @curtisburch & your calls/tweets - 6pm on @NewsRadioWLAP

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From @curtisburch: after a January injury PJ Washington played with a dislocated pinky and torn tendons. Washington said, “I couldn’t really do anything with my left hand, it hurt just to touch it."

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PJ Washington discusses his injured pinky finger. It hurt a lot. The Boot Store ...

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